Saturday, December 24, 2011

Drug Info at DMC

Posted by Elizabeth Kelly at Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve... a wonderful time to avoid the tradition of watching boring tv with the family and instead blogging on this past months rotation. So, I was at the DMC with Dr. Margo Farber getting information about drugs this whole past month. And even though the rotation was technically very boring, I actually learned a lot and utilized my time very well.

Typical day:
Get there 8:30-9. Spend forever getting settled in, check my email, finally settle in and get working on a drug monograph or whatever miscellaneous drug information question that was given to me by Dr. Farber or one of the other drug information specialists.
Sometime during the day go to a meeting or lecture... note they have a lot of free food on this rotation. You probably only need to buy/bring a lunch only half the days if you play your cards right. And they have a subway right on the floor above...healthy eating!!!
Leave after 8 hours of course......................................

How I made this rotation fabulous:
1) I knew I was applying to the DMC residencies so I introduced myself to as many "big-wigs" as possible and Dr. Farber really facilitated that.
2) Asked to shadow different pharmacists... got a great experience for the other student and I in the anticoagulation clinic.
3) Made a point to learn about the material that I had to research. Might as well... I have boards to pass in a few months.
4) Dr. Farber is a great preceptor and really made an effort to teach us pertinent information and guide me in my residency search (she is even writing me a letter of rec!).

There are a few pains with this rotation:
1) Distance from Ann Arbor (although that didn't matter to me since I live at home in St. Clair Shores)
2) You have to park way away from the hospital and either take a shuttle or walk (note... if you have this rotation it is WAY faster to walk from the hospital back to the Bethel church parking lot then it is to wait for the bus... even if it is sitting right there waiting for you).

Now, if anyone has any questions about this rotation feel free to email me!

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