Sunday, January 19, 2020

Rotation 6: Inpatient Pediatrics

Posted by Sarah Choi at Sunday, January 19, 2020

My sixth rotation was an inpatient pediatrics rotation. Overall, it was probably my busiest rotation in terms of patient care and projects. Specifically for this rotation, I was given two teams to cover—a pulmonary team and a general team. It was really daunting at first since it was the most amount of patients I had to cover out of all my inpatient rotations. Despite that, my past rotations really gave me the skill to cover both teams fully pretty early on. I learned how to skim notes for key details, I was familiar with navigating the electronic medical record, and I knew how to work up a patient since I had done it during three other rotations (though a little differently each time). 

The biggest challenge I faced this rotation block was how unfamiliar I was with pediatric pharmacy as this was my first exposure to it. In the beginning, I wasn’t familiar with pediatric dosing (it’s always best to report in mg/kg dosing) and pediatric disease states (things like Kawasaki disease or Henoch-Schonlein Purpura). Everything was new and challenging, but this was also one of my favorite parts of my sixth rotation. There was so much pay off for the work I was putting in to learn, and it was far easier to see improvement in my skills throughout the rotation. 

Another aspect I loved about this rotation was the fact that I was exposed to cystic fibrosis. Children with cystic fibrosis will come in with exacerbations/diminished lung function and be admitted for IV antibiotics. I learned so much about vancomycin/aminoglycoside dosing and monitoring, which are vital skills for pharmacists as these antibiotics can really impact a patient’s kidneys. Cystic fibrosis patients are also on long lists of medications and this is where a pharmacist can really carve out a role and be a vital member of the team. 

Aside from patient care, I was also completing multiple projects, which included a journal club, vaccine order set, audits for a new insulin labeling process, final presentation on IV bisphosphonates use in pediatrics, and a monograph for a pediatric genetics medication. This rotation definitely kept me busy!

Next rotation with be my health system/hospital APPE!