Thursday, December 19, 2019

Rotation 6: Health System/ Hospital

Posted by Anonymous at Thursday, December 19, 2019

My health system/ hospital rotation was one of my favorite rotations so far! It probably helped that I was at an amazing site and had an awesome preceptor. With two community, two clinical (amb care and gen med), and my off rotation before this one, I feel like this was the perfect time to have this rotation! Even though I wasn't working up as many patients and going on as many rounds as I was during my amb care and gen med rotations, this rotation really helped to solidify my decision of pursuing a residency!

During this rotation, I had a lot of independence with different inpatient pharmacy tasks that needed to get done each day. I did everything from counseling patients on their discharge pain medications post-surgery, counseling on anticoagulant medications, performing medication reconciliations and histories, working on projects such as preparing dosing guides for nurses and editing medication use policy updates, checking anesthesia trays and other medications in the pharmacy to be delivered, reviewing patient's home medications, making renal dose adjustment recommendations, and much more! This provided a lot of opportunity for me to learn, grow, and gain confidence in both my counseling skills and my abilities as a student pharmacist in general. Through all of my activities and experiences here, there were times I was able to see that I made a real difference in patient's lives. To see the difference that I can make as a student, it makes me excited to see the difference that I will be able to be make as a real pharmacist! 

I think the best part of this health system/ hospital rotation was having the chance to experience something new. I was in a new setting that I have never been at before and I think it is a good experience to be able to see how different health systems work than the ones we are familiar with. It takes a little longer to get used to new systems and different policies and procedures but that's why it is such a great learning experience!