Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rotation 4: Number 2 pencils only

Posted by Lauren Leader at Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats and we'll get started on today's lesson. For the first time, it was ME saying those words and not just listening to them. I chose to do a teaching rotation to develop my skills as an educator. I was able to spend 5 weeks lecturing, teaching pharmaceutical calculations and preparing quizzes and exams.

I learned through this rotation that teaching poses difficulties that I had never imagined. Of course commanding a room full of students has its own challenges, but writing quiz questions is harder than you think! The rewards are however greater. Watching students learn and develop and knowing that you were a part of that, is AMAZING!

The other great thing about this rotation is working with Dr. Kiela Samuels. She is a great pharmacist, a wonderful person and has a vivacity and passion for pharmacy that is unparalleled. Reaching the last year of pharmacy school and the middle of rotations, I have to admit that I was losing stamina and desire. I couldn't have met this fantastic woman at a better time. She gave me the motivation I needed to continue and finish rotations with zest.

The biggest success of this rotation for me was giving my P4 seminar. The skills that I had learned during this rotation helped me give a polished presentation. My friends in the audience were surprised by my skills and could see a difference from previous presentations I had given.