Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Rotation 7: Working from Home - Drug Information

Posted by Makenzie at Tuesday, February 25, 2020

After enjoying my block off and the holidays, I went back for my drug information rotation.  This rotation was unique in that most of it was working from the comfort of my home!  The flexibility helped me immensely when it came to residency interviews as I could work from anywhere that had a wifi connection.

There truly was no such thing in as a typical day.  I would meet with my preceptor at various coffee shops around Ann Arbor for a 30 to 90 minute meeting two to three times a week to discuss projects and have topic discussions.  Otherwise, I would spend my days working on projects.  It was a rotation that had incredible flexibility, but also required motivation to stay on task and finish assignments.  Most of my responsibilities including writing drug interaction monographs and a journal club at the end.

One of my major goals P4 year was improving on my scientific writing, which is what inspired to rank this rotation so highly.  (It is also one of the reasons I signed up to be a P4 blogger.)  My next rotation (nontraditional) also features a large amount of writing.

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