Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pharmacy Administration

Posted by Katrina Karpowitsch at Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This first quarter of P4 year is going by quickly! Between finishing my seminar, doing PharmD investigation data collection, and preparing for each day of rotation, this summer has been a busy one!

My second rotation was Pharmacy Administration with Dr. Stevenson and Dr. Clark at the University Hospital. Going into P4 year, I ranked this rotation because I wanted to learn more about the roles that administrators have in the department, and what advances in pharmacy practice they are advocating. Both Dr. Stevenson and Dr. Clark are very involved in numerous projects, within the health system and on a national basis, and I was able to see what dedication it takes to be an effective leader in their positions! 

During the rotation, I was able to shadow my preceptors during meetings, and also interact with several assistant directors. Since Dr. Clark and Dr. Stevenson have different priorities within the Department and College, I was able to split my time between shadowing them. Both preceptors have excellent insight into the current trends in pharmacy practice- it was helpful to get their perspectives as I think more about life after graduation! I was also impressed by all the progressive initiatives the Department of Pharmacy was moving forward with to improve patient safety streamline the medication use process.

I completed several written projects- the ones that I enjoyed the most were deriving the total cost estimate of outsourced compounded products per fiscal year 2012, and analyzing the monetary value of recruiting a pharmacy technician compared with the financial modeling of base pay increases. Another component of the rotation was hold a journal club discussion with all of the assistant directors during a management meeting. I feel these activities helped me gain confidence in my presentation skills, both verbal and written, while becoming familiar with the tasks administrators tackle within this organization.

I would recommend this rotation to anyone who would like some "hands-on" experience in the world of pharmacy administration, and the opportunity to work with two of the nation's top pharmacy leaders! 

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