Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Drug Information (Sudekum)

Posted by Charles Berklich at Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Hello readers! I have finished up my second rotation and am actually knee deep in my third currently-more on that later. My second rotation had me playing 'guinea pig,' as I was the first student through this particular rotation. Drug information at Botsford Hospital was a great experience.

Botsford Hospital is an osteopathic hospital, which differs from an allopathic hospital. This means while here I was mostly working with physicians who were D.O instead of M.D. It was very interesting to see the difference is how the physicians practice medicine compared to what I have previously seen.

This rotation had a lot to offer, and once again I got out what I put in to it. I was able to participate in many different and unique activities and projects which included but were not limited to:
  • Writing up a drug review for P & T committee (2 actually)
  • Participating in meetings discussing advancement of the cancer center
  • Going on critical care rounds
  • Attending review board meeting for research
  • Working with the oncology pharamcist, as well as other floor pharmacists
  • Participating in pharmacy informatics meetings
  • Participating in nursing informatics meetings
  • Participating in mock interviews
  • Attending CPOE meetings
My preceptor, Mary Jane, had me answer a lot of drug information questions. Usually, another pharmacist or doctor would approach me or page me and I would write up an answer for them, sometimes multiple times per day. Mary Jane is a great preceptor, very knowledgable and great to work with. I was able to participate in several pharmacy informatics meetings and attend CPOE implementation meetings, which was valuable because that is what I am interested in.

Overall, this was a great rotation and I learned a great deal about not only drug information and the various resources, but several other aspects of pharmacy practice.

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