Thursday, October 13, 2011

Interning as an Internalist

Posted by Amanda at Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am halfway through with my third rotation. This time I am on the General Med or Internal Medicine rotation. This one is a lot different than my last rotation in the PICU because I have 2 medical teams that I round with as opposed to the one last time. Also I spend most of my time in a room with the other two students on this rotation.

I follow 4 medical teams. Two of which have an attending, residents, and medical students. The other two teams consist of just an attending. The ones with residents go on rounds. I round with one team for 2 days and the other one for 2 days. The ones with attendings meet with the pharmacists every day around 1:30 in a meeting room to discuss any problems and ask questions. With this rotation I follow between 20-40 patients. I mainly deal with antibiotic dosing, adjustments for kidney failure, and anticoagulation dosing.

I also get a pager with this rotation and I was very excited when the medical resident paged me with a question. And I even knew the answer. Yay!

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