Friday, January 20, 2012

Nutrition, kcals, protein, carbs, fat... my favorite subjects

Posted by Elizabeth Kelly at Friday, January 20, 2012

So anyone that really knows me... knows that I LOVE LOVE LOVE talking about calories and equaling calories in with calories out. Funny thing is that I never really realized you could do that IN the hospital. I love my clinical nutrition rotation with Dr. Sarah Nordbeck at Royal Oak Beaumont. There are so many different aspects of this rotation that I love that its really hard to sum it up, so I will just make a list.
1) It is great to work with a pharmacist who has such a great rapport with her physicians and the physicians give her a lot of autonomy.
2) I get to manage my own patients and I was given a lot of responsibility early in the second week and I have thrived on it. I am so sad that my last day is next Thursday.
3) I get to do math!!!! And the numbers actually make sense. Plus I get to use my critical thinking skills.
4) I get to meet a lot of wayne state pharmacy students and a lot of the residents.
5)Papa Joe's has really good mediterranean food.
6) The whole nutritional support team is fantabulous.
7) Last but not least I get great guidance from a preceptor not only about nutrition, but about pharmacy practice in general, what to look for in a residency or a job, and many of life's pearls.
There are a few cons however:
1) The closest fridge is way too small. I am not entirely sure where to find the bigger one with the freezer... I guess it's finally time to investigate!!!
2) I am worried every day that I am going to get run over by one of the machines that goes down the hall outside pharmacy. It's actually kind of scary!!! lol
3) To tell you the truth there really aren't any negatives...
Four months til graduation!
P.S. You don't have to go to midyear if you are applying in-state only. I have gotten plenty of interviews without spending all the money.

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