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(Non Traditional) Pfizer Canada

Posted by Hussein at Monday, January 16, 2012

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After an interesting array of rotations that included Oncology, Cardiology, Infectious Disease and Transplant, I find myself now out of the hospital and behind the scenes. But even here the preceptor is a U of M Graduate! He completed his residency in pharmacokinetics, and is a big Wolverines fan. From football to pharma, you’ll learn quite a lot. This rotation site develops your experience with the inner workings of a pharma company. We often hear a lot about industry, but when do we actually get to experience some of it!

If you’ve ever wondered about what is on that label you’re reading in the pharmacy, or had to check a product monograph for information, or wondered why drugs are manufactured in certain amounts or concentrations, this rotation will tell you. Have you ever thought about how a product lands on the shelf at CVS et al., or where on that shelf it lands, or even how big that shelf must be? The simple answer is: for every pharma question, there is an Act, a law, a rule or a regulation that covers that information. And if there isn’t, chances are a company (with whom you may do business) has an already established policy.

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At this Pfizer rotation, students are provided with their own office, and access to all of Pfizer’s resources – which is tremendous. Students are part of the department of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, under Pfizer Consumer health. The department applies for new and maintains registrations for drug products, ensures that products and their marketing comply with Canadian regulatory requirements, and conducts regulatory vigilance. This department acts as a liaison between various departments like marketing, and regulatory bodies such as Health Canada and the FDA.

My time here so far has been too short, but amazing. And if you are not from Toronto a major benefit of this rotation – aside from the learning experience - is the ability to see and experience Toronto! It’s something the preceptor encourages and Toronto amazing and vibrant city!

Random Fact: Did you know that Pfizer Canada is Pfizer’s second largest affiliate? It’s larger than China and all of the EU combined!


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