Sunday, September 4, 2011


Posted by Rebecca Lalani at Sunday, September 04, 2011

Day 1 of my only away rotation. I arrived at Baltimore Washington International Airport Sunday morning, excited about the prospect of spending the next 4 weeks working for the FDA! Today was my prep day: I would set up my new digs, buy supplies, stock the fridge and of course, do my pre-rotation research (Go in prepared!) But as I found out upon my arrival at my sublet, even the best laid plans can go awry. My first day in Maryland was marred by the lingering effects of Hurricane Irene that struck the area only the night before. My landlord informed me that the power had been out since the previous night, with restoration nowhere in sight. “It’s daylight” I think as I march towards the closest grocery store and RiteAid location. Much to my chagrin, everything is shutdown. There isn’t a place I can even grab food. Hungry, tired and devoid of even the most basic of necessities, I shuffle my way back to my new place. I hope the power company can accomplish the miracle I’m praying for: I would REALLY appreciate some electricity! I spent the evening sitting in the dark, chatting with my new roommate and although my wishes were eventually fulfilled, it would not come to pass until the following day. So Day 1 of my only away rotation… was spent at home.

Day 2 of my only away rotation. That was much more exciting! I’m in the Office of Compliance under the auspices of Dr. Ilisa Bernstein. I’ve been assigned to work for the nascent Drug Integrity and Security Program, addressing the increasing drug imports that find their way to the American consumer. All rotation students are also given a lecture schedule that involves a variety of topics pertinent to pharmacy at the FDA. As far as my mentors go, I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive group. I’m pleased to report then that I am 2/2 for amazing rotation experiences. Working with Dr. Rozelle Hegeman-Dingle (Pfizer, Medical Outcomes Specialist) during rotation 1 was an absolute delight. With this track record, I’m looking forward to what rotation 3 has to offer!

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