Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beginning Again...Rotation 3

Posted by Nina Cimino at Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another month, another new rotation! I am starting to get used to the fact that for the first one or two days of a new rotation, I feel a little lost and overwhelmed. After the first couple of days though, I find myself settling in and getting a good grasp of what I am doing. I really believe that one of the most beneficial aspects of P4 rotations is learning how to jump into new environments and adept quickly.

This month, I am doing my drug information rotation in medical writing, with a company that produces drug information resources for healthcare professionals. I specifically wanted this drug information rotation because I had worked in a more traditional drug information center during one of my FDA internships. While this rotation is still classified as drug information, it is a unique drug information setting and still allows me to have a new experience.

So now that I am oriented to my new rotation site, I can tell you a little bit about what I do! My preceptor maintains the drug information database for the company, so my rotation partner and I work with him to revise and update drug interaction monographs. We do literature searches to review the available evidence, and incorporate this information into the monograph to ensure that it is complete. In addition to updating the drug interaction monographs, we will also be writing new monographs, presenting journal articles, and working on longitudinal projects.

This rotation is very different from the direct patient care rotations I have had in the previous months, but I think it will be a great experience. I will definitely have an opportunity to brush up on my literature search skills, and these skills will be very important in any practice area where I find myself!

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