Thursday, October 31, 2019

Rotation 5: Open Rotation

Posted by Abby Wilson at Thursday, October 31, 2019

I took Rotation 5 off because I got married on October 5th, the Saturday right after block 4 ended before Block 5 began! The plus side of this was that it was super nice having a whole 5 weeks off after the wedding. Our wedding was the most perfect day and we were able to have a nice 9 day vacation in Jamaica after which was much needed after a stressful few months leading up to this Off Block. The time leading up to the wedding was a little busier/more stressful than normal since on top of APPE activities and requirements, I was also still working on my PDI as well as my seminar presentation that I presented in September, all while attempting to plan a wedding!  Even though my first 4 rotations were more stressful than they probably needed to be, they were all still amazing experiences that ended up going well in the end. Very thankful for the awesome support system I have helping me along the way, support is key through the stressful seasons of life (pharmacy school being a big one of them)!

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