Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rotation 9: Community Pharmacy - Manchester Pharmacy, Manchester, MI

Posted by Jennifer at Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My last rotation was a great one on which to end P4 year.  Manchester Pharmacy is one of the Hometown Pharmacies which are located throughout Michigan.  Established in 1996, there are now 36 Hometown pharmacies in the state.

In the beginning of my rotation, I learned the workflow layout and computer system and further enhanced my knowledge of pharmacy laws in Michigan.  Towards the end of the rotation, I practiced verifying prescriptions and medicines for accuracy and appropriateness.  I would also discuss various pharmaceutical needs with patients and healthcare providers alike.  My preceptor, Dr. Jay Demski, set a great example as an ideal community pharmacist and helped me to improve my skills for working in a community pharmacy.

In the community pharmacy setting, patients have the opportunity to directly ask their pharmacist questions.  Patients often asked for a recommendation of an over-the-counter product or had questions about some of their prescriptions, and pharmacists are a ready and available information source. 

My rotation at Manchester Pharmacy has been an excellent experience! 

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