Saturday, January 18, 2014

Institutional Rotation, Health Systems at UofM

Posted by Unknown at Saturday, January 18, 2014

Rotation 5 was exciting for multiple reasons.  First, I was looking forward to getting more hospital experience to better prepare me for a residency and gather much needed inpatient experience.  Second, at the conclusion of the rotation, my off rotation began in addition to a few vacations with the family.  

The rotation was mostly procedural, getting a handle on the daily functions of a hospital pharmacist while performing clinical services and fielding clinical questions from the hospital nurses and physicians.  I was placed in the cardiovascular pharmacy (CVC) at UMHS.  Every morning we prepared infusions and dispensed narcotic kits for the anesthesiologists.  It always helps to see the drugs you learn about in therapeutics.  I got to check orders for the CVC patients as well as pre-operative antibiotics making sure they were dosed appropriately and that the team had enough to last the duration of the surgery.

Additionally, I got to spend time in the cancer infusion center which was an experience in itself from making the medications, seeing the cost of one infusion for the patients, and following the nurses to talk to the patients and see the full process.  While I had a little experience making infusions and IV preparations of medications, I got lots of practice between the cancer center and the downstairs B2 main pharmacy at UMHS.  I am quite proud that I still have yet to stab myself with a syringe and was even complimented by the IV tech staff on my aseptic technique!

All in all it was a great experience, met some great pharmacists and am fully ready for my month off to get ready for residency interviews!

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