Wednesday, August 21, 2013

P4 Year Begins!

Posted by Unknown at Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Orientation was a fun time to spend with friends. After 3 solid years of daily togetherness, having 2 weeks without seeing everyone seemed weird. It was nice to reunite. We were given lots of helpful advice and expectations for seminar were shared.  We also went through some therapeutic reviews like infectious diseases/the bug drug list and anticoagulation modules. It was actually really nice to go over some of the therapeutic topics again right before rotation actually started.

Rotation 1 week 1 is just about over. Today was day 4 of P4 (hahaha).  So far I'm loving it! The days are split into halves and each morning I'm in different locations with assigned tasks then in the afternoons I'm in the 6th floor pharmacy. Here's what I've done this week so far:
  • re-stocked paramedic boxes and code boxes (and dealt with all the shortages involved....)
  • attended some work flow meetings and drug shortages meetings
  • mastered the pneumatic tube system (witnessed my first broken glass vial in the tube)
  • learned how products are checked by the RPh (everyone has their own style)
  • drawn up oral solutions aka the oral batch (TOO MANY!!! AHHHHH)
  • verified orders in WORx (with lots of help, of course)
  • triaged the phone calls in 6th floor pharmacy (where all 6 lines COULD actually be ringing at the same time!)
 I found that I like the fast-paced nature/constant action of 6th floor pharmacy - although as a pharmacist this would be very hard to deal with while ensuring 100% accuracy. Good thing they are professionals and they have a good team to work with!

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