Sunday, May 20, 2012

For today, goodbye; for tomorrow, good luck; and forever, GO BLUE!

Posted by Melanie at Sunday, May 20, 2012

The last four years have just flown by!  I learned so much and met many amazing people along the way.  Make sure you take time to enjoy pharmacy school because it will be over before you know it.

I began my fourth year at the Generalist Rotation (UMHHC), which taught be about anticoagulation and aminoglycoside/vancomycin dosing and monitoring.  I also rounded with the medical team and learned the impact a clinical pharmacist could have on patient care.

I continued into Pediatric Hematology and Oncology (UMHHC).  Here I was able to ensure that the kiddos received supportive care with their chemotherapy treatments.  I also learned about the Children's Oncology Group (COG) and made sure that the proper protocols were being followed.

Next I moved into Administration (UMHHC).  I attended P&T meetings, completed medication safety projects, and decided on carpet and paint for the Victor Vaughan building.  This rotation exposed me to the opportunity to work on an FDA grant with Dr. Jim Stevenson to help standardize oral liquids compounded for pediatric patients. 

My fourth rotation was my Community Rotation (Village Pharmacy).  I learned how to help patients understand Medicare Part D options, did MTMs, and helped counsel patients on prescription and over-the-counter medications.  I learned how valuable a community pharmacist can be and what a large impact on patients he/she can have.

My fifth rotation was Institutional (UMHHC).  I was able to spend some time in investigational drug services and I learned how to verify/dispense orders in the satellite pharmacy.  I also gave a CE to pharmay technicians on aseptic technique.

Next I did my Drug Information Rotation (Michigan House).  I completed a drug monograph and wrote a newsletter article.  I also learned how to answer drug information questions.

I had the next rotation off where I was able to interview for residency positions.  I matched to the VA of Ann Arbor! 

After my month off, I moved on to Neurology (UMHHC).  I rounded with a team in the Neuro ICU as well as the neurology floor.  I was able to provide medication recommendations and learned how to adjust/monitor anticonvulsants.

Then I did my Ambulatory Care Rotation (UMHHC).  I had sites in Saline, Chelsea, and Livonia.  I was able to make recommendations for patients with diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.  I also did polypharmacy consults and focused a lot on diet and exercise options.

My last rotation was Long Term Care (HomeTown Pharmacy).  I reviewed charts for patients in skilled nursing and assited living facilities.  I was able to make recommendations to nurses and physicians based upon my findings (Beers List medications, renal dosage adjustments, indications). 

I posted at least one blog from each rotation, so for more details on any of the rotations, please feel free to review them.

My email address is  I encourage you to email me with any questions about rotations, blogging, pharmacy school, or anything else.

For those who are considering blogging, I highly recommend it.  It really teaches you the art of self-reflection which is very valuable.  Time and time again during interviews I was asked to provide examples from rotations and I was able to use the material I blogged about to formulate a response. 

Best of luck and much success to all of you and thank you for reading my blogs.

This is Melanie Engels, PharmD, signing off.....

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