Thursday, February 16, 2012

February Rotation + Residency Interviews

Posted by Elizabeth Kelly at Thursday, February 16, 2012

Well, I am one of those select few that chose to keep my February rotation in place and go through residency interviews. Do I regret it... kind of but not really. I am going on a cruise to the Bahamas next month with my best friend during her spring break from Western, so I am pretty stoked to have March off.
Anyways... I am on my Quality and Medication Safety rotation with Paru Patel who is the Associate Vice President at Sinai Grace.
What is majorly cool about this rotation... I have my own HUGE office, with a HUGE desk and computer. And a secretary outside the room who is SUPER nice. And 2 doors down from the President's office (they had one of their executives leave for a year to go to Afghanistan so his office is empty).
I do a lot of work as well... right now I am putting together the process for first fill patients through the outpatient pharmacy at Sinai Grace and evaluating the number of patients in the hospital who get first fill and are rehospitalized. Note... rehospitalizations are a HUGE deal in hospitals right now with the new CMS standards that are being implemented starting this fall.
I am also putting together Executive Safety WalkRounds with the executive team here at Sinai Grace in order to cut down on safety issues in the hospital and make it a better more cohesive environment.
Now mixing all this with residency interviews has not been the greatest. I have had to take 5 days off and done a lot of work at home. I am potentially making those days up the first few days of the March rotation block. We will see... hopefully I can get all my work done ahead of time!
I would recommend if you are going to have a rotation and apply for residencies during February then make sure its a low key rotation where you can potentially get a lot of work done at home to make up for missed time.
Recommendation: Sinai Grace is a really fun environment and I highly recommend having a rotation there!! And Dr. Patel is great and really cares about the students she has on rotation and makes sure I have a great all around experience.

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