Friday, December 16, 2011

iNsTiTuTiOnAL RoTaTiOn

Posted by Melanie at Friday, December 16, 2011

Only a couple more days left at my institutional rotation at UMHCC. I feel like this month has flown by, but when I look back, I have done a lot of things this month.

The 1st week was spent developing a CE presentation for Pharmacy Technicians on aseptic technique. I was able to develop this with three other fourth year students on the same rotation. We made videos illustrating poor aseptic technique. We were given the opportunity to give two presentations. I think the presentation went really well. The technicians were very engaged and seemed to enjoy the humor in our video demonstrations. In fact, we may be able to present for a third time to a larger group of technicians!

The second week was spent in the satellite pharmacy where I took on the role of a staff pharmacist. Verifying orders and serving as the final check were my main duties.

The third week was spent in the Investigational Drug Services department. I was able to develop a set of dispensing guidelines for a new study. I spent one day with the technicians who prepare for monitor visits by people who come to make sure compliance with the study is being met. I spent another day with the dispensing technician who processes orders and gets the medication ready for the patient, and I spent a day with a technician who puts away medications and keeps inventory and who also prepares intravenous/sterile products for patients.

My fourth week I was able to participate in the clean room activities. I was able to see the flow at UMHHC and gown up and go into the clean room. I also participated in the final verification process by checking IVs that technicians had prepared. I also spent some time with the clinical pharmacists where I looked at kinetics and handled anticoagulation.

Next week, I will develop a CTools website for P3 IPPE students on their institutional rotation at UMHCC. I am putting together a list of articles for them to read, as well as guidelines and other resources. These are items that will be of value throughout their P3 and P4 years, as well as beyond.

See you again in 2012 and Happy Holidays!

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