Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oakwood Annapolis

Posted by Amanda at Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I have finished half of my rotation in Oakwood Annapolis. Let's just say it is a very different environment compared to the hospitals that I have seen (U of M and St Joe's). Oakwood Annapolis is located in Wayne Michigan. It has about 259 beds and has 5 floors. So it is pretty small compared to U of M. I am on rotation with two other girls who are P4's are Wayne State University. I am learning a lot about other pharmacy schools from them.

For my first week I learned all about what a technician does and how useful they are at running a pharmacy. I went with them on runs. I got to fill the pyxis machines on all the floors. I learned how to fill in the pharmacy. For one day I was in the IV room, I made a lot of zosyn IV's. I did not poke myself with a needle so that day was an accomplishment for me.

Starting the second week, we started going on rounds in the ICU with the clinical pharmacist. The physicians in the ICU are very receptive to our suggestions.

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