Friday, August 5, 2011

First week of rotation... wow

Posted by Elizabeth Kelly at Friday, August 05, 2011

So, this first week of rotation has flown by. My very first P4 rotation is with Dr. Klein on Pediatrics Infectious Diseases. I was really scared last week especially because I had to study up on my bug-drug lists, review immunizations, go over pharmacokinetics, etc. etc. Plus, I had another certain blogger who will remain nameless, but lets just say she may have been the very first blogger from the class of 2012 to put something up, but anyways... she scared me to death acting like I had to know EVERYTHING. However, this week has went really well. A few highlights:
Monday: Got to rotation at 9:30 (yay!) and had an orientation with Dr. Klein who then in the afternoon had to fly out to Washington D.C. for a conference and pretty much was leaving the other student and I on our own. She left us with a topic presentation to prepare for Thursday, pharmacokinetics problems for Friday and each one patient to work up to start with. Not bad huh?
Tuesday/Wednesday: first day of us rounding! Met the fellows and attending and rounded on a couple of different children each day. It is really interesting the different situations you will see in pediatrics and how everything is just "slightly" different from adult patients. For example, dosing, different drugs, etc.
Thursday: met back up with Dr. Klein and performed my case presentation on Stevens Johnson Syndrome. I have to say that when the PGY2 residents came in to give the P4s their recommendations about rotation during orientation they said to be really prepared and practice as much as possible the presentations and everything. I think I did pretty well on mine and Dr. Klein even acted like I was OVER prepared. To me... never a bad thing. We also went to a pediatrics ID meeting in the afternoon where different cases the doctors wanted input on were discussed.
I have to say so far I am really enjoying this rotation and putting in a lot of good work.

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Jenna said...

I freaked you out so that you would be over-prepared and Dr. K would be impressed :-) See, it worked!