Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Small Voice with a Big Impact

Posted by Jody at Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I am currently on my internal med rotation at Mercy Memorial Hospital. Mercy is a smaller community hospital located in Monroe, MI. There is one central pharmacy that dispenses for the entire hospital.

Mercy does not have the “traditional” rounds we think of when it comes to inpatient rotations. So, what do clinical pharmacists do at a smaller hospital?

My responsibilities on rotation:

- Anticoagulation

o Monitoring warfarin, lovenox, fondaparinux

- Renal Dosing

o Reviewing all medications for patients with renal insufficiency and recommending alternative treatment options to physicians

- Kinetics

o Dosing and monitoring antibiotics, ordering drug levels

- Drug Information

o Answering physician questions regarding medications and dosing since there is no drug info department

o Calling drug companies to determine stability and compatibility

- Administration

o Helped implement new programs and policy for the pharmacy department. Specifically, I assisted with the Fall Prevention and Safety Policy.

As you can see, the pharmacists have all the typical responsibilities that any pharmacist would have at any institution, plus a little more. At smaller hospitals, such as Mercy, the role of each pharmacist is a mix of responsibilities incorporating not just clinical but administrative roles as well as drug information tasks.

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