Sunday, September 5, 2010

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My second rotation is out-of-state in Oakland, CA. I have no friends or family to stay with, but I was partnered with another student. Out-of-state rotations can definitely put a dent in your budget, especially if you also have to find your own housing. My recommendation is to travel with another classmate (or two) to help cut costs. If the rotation doesn’t list this information then ask– more times than not the preceptors are very accommodating and will allow two students.

TIPS for out-of-state rotations (when you are NOT staying with friends/family)

- Housing

o Ask your preceptor: They live in the area and should be able to either help you find a place or offer suggestions.

o Criag’s list: You may be able to find cheap sublets fully furnished

o Hotels: (extended stay or regular) This is what my classmate and I did.

§ Call and speak with the manager directly

· Student pricing/discount? You are staying at least 28 days. My classmate and I were able to get over $1,000 off our entire stay.

· Ask are accommodations: free internet, fridge, microwave

- Transportation (to and from the rotation site)

o Talk with your preceptor:

§ Ask about public transportation

§ Public transportation: (things to think about)

· Look up the routes, does it run often, when does it start/stop, weekend routes

· Prices, you will be taking it twice a day

· Is your hotel/apartment near the station/stop (Trust me, in the morning you want to be very close to the pick-up point)

o Bringing your own car or renting

§ After speaking with other students, if a car is necessary it’s best to bring your own car (and cheaper too).

Hope this was helpful. If you have questions, just ask!

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